THERE is no doubt that motorists in this country get a raw deal.

THERE is no doubt that motorists in this country get a raw deal.

We pay more for our vehicles than our European counterparts and we also pay more for fuel.

It is about time that the Government reduced the excise on fuel so we can compete on an even playing field with the rest of Europe, otherwise our competitors have a head start in the world of trade when their transport costs are so much lower than ours.

The Government cannot hide behind the excuse that motorists should be using public transport when the alternative to the car is more expensive and not a viable alternative for many people who live and work in rural areas.

The blockade of refineries has been launched as farmers and business people find themselves under more and more pressure with the Government failing to help. Frustration has finally boiled over as British people feel the Government is letting them down in their hour of need.

However, panic buying does not solve anything. All it does is lead to more panic and lead to an unnecessary shortage on the forecourts as people fill up earlier than they usually would.

The issue of fuel prices has been contentious for a long time and the Government must quickly and positively give it serious attention in the national interest.