Open Letter to: The Rt Hon Tony Blair ON one Boxing Day I was part of a small anti-hunt demonstration outside the gates of Chequers.

We made no attempt to spoil in any way your family's celebrations, we were not noisy, we did not block the roads, but we wanted you to know that we were there and why we were there.

Our presence was noted by your security officers, a card with a message and a copy of a video showing footage of hunt activities that we had recorded were handed over, accepted and, we presume, brought to your attention at some time.

We would have been very gratified to have received at least some form of acknowledgement from you, preferably at the time, but at the very least after the festivities. However, none was forthcoming.

On the occasion of your wife Cherie's special birthday party, Chequers was targeted by hunters, who blocked the roads for three hours, preventing guests from arriving and obstructing the free passage of other road users.

Police were present. The hunters' intimidating tactics worked and they were granted an interview with you, emerging, we are told, smiling and satisfied.

Can you tell me what other body of protesters would, or have ever, received such placatory treatment?

Why does the leader of our Government treat hunters as a special case?

Is it only because of their threats of unlawful disruption in the event of the ban on hunting that the nation expects and deserves after such a long period of prevarication?

What subtle distinction do you employ to distance the noisy threats issuing from the Countryside Alliance and any other body bearing a grudge against the will of Parliament?

Believe me, Mr Blair, I am a very disillusioned Labour supporter, and I am not alone.

Beatrice M Bradley Cuxham Road Watlington