POLICE have taken the unusual step of setting up an email account for witnesses in an attempt to catch the killer of partygoer Natasha Derby.

Officers are hoping the move will encourage more people who were at High Wycombe's Multi-Racial Centre when Natasha was shot to come forward.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Taylor of Thames Valley Police said: "We are beginning to identify those people present but still have a large number of people at the event who are unidentified.

"We have received tremendous support from Natasha's family and the community within High Wycombe but because a large number of those attending the event came from outside the area we still need people to come forward and tell us they were there and who they were with."

Natasha, 23, died after being shot in the head while dancing at the Summer Jam in the early hours of Saturday, September 4. More than 100 people attended the event.

On the night of her murder Natasha had been helping out on the door at the centre, in St Mary Street, during the ragga night before joining a friend on the dance floor.

Witnesses said they heard a bang or a pop at about 2.30am and saw Natasha fall to the ground. She was taken to Wycombe Hospital but died the next day.

Former High Wycombe mayor Sebert Graham has pleaded for witnesses to come forward.

He said: "It is no good being scared because if we are scared these things will happen again and again."

DCI Taylor added: "I would renew my appeal for these people to come forward. It is vital that we know who was present and what they saw - only by talking to them will we be able to build a picture of what happened.

"There does seem to be some reluctance to speak to the police either because people think they do not have anything relevant to say or because they may be frightened to speak to us.

"We are investigating the death of a young woman who was out enjoying herself at a party and if we can eliminate these people from the enquiry it will allow us to focus on finding the killer of Natasha."

Email police at Natasha.help@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111