MOST people will be overjoyed at the long-awaited passage of the Bill to ban hunting with dogs on September 15th and appalled by the arrogant, selfish and violent behaviour of the hunting minority on that day and since.

Their refusal to abide by democracy and the rule of law, their threats, aggression, obstruction, harassment and vandalism cannot be allowed to pay. And all this hysteria and fury is for what? To defend their"'right" to terrify and slaughter wild animals for "sport."

But the Parliament Act, which will be needed to overcome resistance from the unelected Lords, has still to be used.

Also, the Prime Minister has now begun to speak of the need for "compromise."

We fear he intends to persuade, or somehow to try to force, MPs to accept a return to a plan to licence hunts, a scheme that will fall a long way short of the ban for which they have voted so many times.

So it is still not over. Readers wanting to ensure that democracy prevails and hunting with dogs is truly outlawed should contact Tony Blair (via and, if appropriate, their anti-hunting MP and say no to any compromise with cruelty.

Protect Our Wild Animals a national network of highly experience and knowledgable anti-bloodsports campaigners.

Alan Kirby Phillack Cornwall