THE current brouhaha over fox hunting suggests it is merely another indication of national slide to anarchy!

Hard words you may say but just look at the evidence.

We are going to miss by a mile our "commitment" to cut carbon dioxide emission levels by 20 per cent by 2010. The Government has taken no action over traffic which has increased 17 per cent since they took office.

It will be short even of its target to spend even a meagre £20 millions on solar roofs whilst subsidising the new airbus by some £500 millions.

The increase in wind power is merely a gesture which fades into insignificance when compared with the lack of interest in alternatives like marine and tide power which are much more consistent and predictable No doubt the fox hunting bill will just be ignored without sanctions as is comprehensive education. Despite expressed Government opinion there are still 140 grammar schools indeed county councils like Bucks not only perpetuate selection and grammar schools but also canvas surrounding counties and select privately "crammed" pupils from dissident families of surrounding counties who contribute nothing to Bucks' local taxes but enjoy our archaic and let us be honest non-compliant educational system to the exclusion of Marlow kids!

Our Government were quick to send young soldiers to face death in Iraq but, it seems, lack the political courage to make local education authorities such as Bucks comply with Government edicts!

No doubt, like Bucks CC, it is almost certain that some fox hunts will just ignore the Government and carry on as before as is the way with our arrogant, self-opinionated, reactionary horse and landowners, and forelock-touching servants who fear a fate similar to the miners and shipyard workers when the - then Tory Government closed down the coalmines and shipyards!

The fox hunting lobby is in every sense well-off, well-organised, and see this as a last-ditch fight in an enlightened class war which it is isn't it?

Bill Purdie West Street Marlow