VIDEO: David Lidington MP addresses residents as they are turned away from the meeting, including Councillor Davida Allen.

POLICE were called to a public meeting on a controversial train plan tonight after tempers flared when people were turned away.

Six officers attended The Misbourne School in Great Missenden after about 20 people demanded to be let in.

More than a hundred were turned away after the school hall was filled for the meeting, called by Buckinghamshire County Council member Mike Colston.

One man pulled on the school doors in anger and shouted at school staff about a ‘police state’.

An officer told residents no more could be let in because of fire regulations.

The Government announced a preferred route for the 250mph plan on March 11, a new line to go above the village through South Heath and Hyde Heath.

A Bucks Free Press reporter is in the meeting. A full report will appear on our website in the morning.

Councillor Davida Allen, who represents Amersham Town on Chiltern District Council was among those denied entry. The line would tunnel under the old town.

The Liberal Democrat said: “It is absolutely appalling that they know who I am and they won’t let a representative of the people in.”

Cllr Colston, the member for Great Missenden, came into the school reception by the doors and was handed her council identity card. However, Cllr Allen was not allowed entry.

She said: “I am outraged.”

Oliver Turner, 39, of Prestwood, said: “The whole thing is a mockery. It is totally ludicrous, we are not getting our right to speak.”

Richard Holland, 44, of Broomham Lane, Great Missenden said: “I am gutted.

“I went to this school, I was brought up in this community and I can’t get in.”

Carol Griffiths, 53, from Wendover, said: “I think it is absolutely disgusting. It is totally unfair.”

Aylesbury MP David Lidington, who constituency includes the village, came outside and addressed a large crowd before going inside for the start of the meeting at 7.30pm.

He said: “I am very sorry that there is not enough seating space in the hall for everybody tonight.

“This was called by the local councillor really aimed at local people. Understandably, people have come from a lot further away than Great Missenden.”

He said: “I am not blaming anybody here but I would ask you please not to take it out on Mike Colston who took a very public spirited action in actually taking the initiative to do this.

Conservative Mr Lidington said: “The shame is that this sort of meeting, in a much larger venue, should have been organised by the Department of Transport.”

Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan also spoke.

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