MAGICIAN Paul Daniels is launching a flood awareness campaign for older people after his home was flooded two years ago.

The television celebrity is helping the Environment Agency launch the initiative after experiencing first hand the devastating effects of flooding.

He said: "My home was flooded two years ago so I know first hand how devastating it can be. Since then I've done everything possible to make sure that I'm as prepared as I can be for when it happens again you can't prevent flooding but you can minimise the damage."

Recent research shows that older people are more vulnerable during a flood, which is why the campaign consists of the launch of a leaflet "Flooding: be prepared, a guide for older people".

Sir John Harman, chairman of the Environment Agency, said: "The Environment Agency has funded a study to look at which social groups are most vulnerable to flooding.

"The initial findings have revealed that older people, in terms of their awareness of flood risk and their ability to respond to flood warnings, are one of the social groups most affected during a flood.

"We want to raise older people's awareness of flooding and tell them what they can do to prepare."

Mr Daniels added: ""Flooding is a serious issue for everyone, but especially so for the elderly.

"I would urge anyone living in a floodplain to request a leaflet from the Environment Agency and Help the Aged which gives practical advice about what older people can do before, during and after a flood."

To request a copy of the leaflet call the Environment Agency's 24 hour Floodline 0845 988 1188 or log on to