SECOND homes allowances will be axed for three Buckinghamshire MPs after the General Election, it has been announced.

The MPs for Wycombe, Beaconsfield and Chesham and Amersham will not be able to claim as the constituencies are so close to London.

The MP for Aylesbury, however, will be allowed to claim, though this will only be for rent and hotels, not mortgages, in line with all MPs.

Wycombe MP Paul Goodman claimed for a second home mortgage for a property in High Wycombe as he lives in London.

Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve claimed rent for a cottage on the border of the constituency in the Marlow area.

Chesham and Amersham MP claimed mortgage costs for a second home in Battersea, London.

Mr Lidington claimed rent for a London flat. There was controversy when it emerged he was paid £12,000 when tenancy terms changed. Some was given to charity.

Mr Goodman said: “Some tightening up of expenses was inevitable and right.”

Yet he said this issue was ‘secondary’ to the ‘big issue’ of the future of Parliament, which led Mr Goodman to announce he was stepping down last summer.

He said: “The issue is whether MPs are to be elected representatives who are free to work and earn outside the Commons or professional politicians who are members of a political class separate and distinct from those who elect them.”

None of the other MPs were available for comment this afternoon.

However, the new rules, unveiled by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, will allow MPs to continue to employ family members.

This goes against a recommendation from Sir Christopher Kelly, who reviewed the expenses system last year.

Cheryl Gillan employs her husband, Jack Leeming, as a part-time office manager/researcher.

Garden and cleaning claims will also be abolished. Mr Goodman and Mrs Gillan claimed for cleaning while Mr Grieve claimed for gardening.

Other claims include £4.47 for dog food from Mrs Gillan, which she said was a mistake, and a child’s booster seat for Mr Goodman.

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