RESIDENTS fighting for the removal of a mobile phone mast in Marlow have filed their case with the High Court, it has been revealed.

Residents feel so strongly about the T-Mobile mast in Wycombe Road that they have submitted their case for judicial review to the court in an attempt to get it scrapped once and for all.

The mast, which was put up in December, was approved by Wycombe District Council in November despite health risk fears and the potential for house price losses.

The case has been submitted by lawyers acting on behalf of David Reynolds, leader of the group, who has recently received a response from WDC regarding the action.

Mr Reynolds said: "It has been frighteningly costly because we have to fund it all ourselves.

"We are questioning the decision made by the council and they have responded."

It is now up to a judge who has received the file to decide whether it is worth putting forward for a judicial review.

It would mean that Mr Reynolds and those supporting him, would be taking on WDC directly and not T-Mobile, who simply got permission from the council to erect the mast.

Public Interest Lawyers, acting for Mr Reynolds, said the case was still in its early stages, and would not comment on the response by the council. Dan Rosenberg, an assistant lawyer, said: "Whether the case goes to judicial review depends on the judge. The purpose of this is to stop everyone taking their case for judicial review if there is nothing to be hear ."

T-Mobile said they did not wish to comment on the action.

A spokesperson for the council, said: "We can confirm that a resident has filed a claim form seeking permission for a judicial review.

"In response to this the council has produced the necessary documents to, at this stage, respond to their claim.

"Documents have been submitted to the High Court and we are waiting to hear whether the High Court consider, having looked at the documents, that there is a substantive case to answer or not."