HARRY Potter wizards Fred and George Weasley will lend a little magic to Beaconsfield charity the Wavemakers to highlight the upcoming Lime Green Day.

The ginger-haired wizards, James and Oliver Phelps, will be sweeping into The Beaconsfield School, in Wattleton Road, on June 30, to celebrate the charity day.

Lucky pupils from Year Nine will don lime green outfits in support of the charity when they meet the famous young actors from the blockbuster film.

Wavemakers is a charity that aims to reward efforts of youngsters who are doing well in the community.

It aims to praise kids for their activities in the specific areas of social care, education and health.

Mr Alex Russell, headteacher of The Beaconsfield School, said: "This is a great opportunity for all of our Year Nine students to celebrate their own and each other's achievements whatever the ir achievements might be."

He added: "Any young person who suffers with feelings of low self-esteem may benefit considerably from such a positive initiative as the Wavemakers one."

All of our students are achievers in different ways and we look forward to celebrating a diverse range of achievements."

The Wavemakers Day is an opportunity to celebrate pupils' achievements.

These achievements can be anything from learning a new skill, to overcoming a fear to passing an examination.