A HIGH Wycombe man with psychiatric problems was found hanging from a tree by his daughter, an inquest into his death has heard.

Abdul Razaq Khan, 66, of Cressex Road, died on June 1 last year.

The inquest heard that Mr Khan had been a patient at the Haleacre Unit in Amersham Hospital and experienced periods of severe depression.

The day after his death Mr Khan had been due to commence almost daily visits to the Harlow House acute day hospital in High Wycombe after being discharged from the Haleacre Unit.

The inquest into Mr Khan's death began in February, but following complaints by his family it was adjourned until last week.

Mr Khan's family, who were not present at Wednesday's hearing at Amersham Magistrates' Court, had earlier claimed staff at the Haleacre Unit were wrong to discharge Mr Khan.

This was denied by Faria Moonah, a Haleacre psychiatric nurse, who was familiar with Mr Khan's medical case.

She told the inquest: "She Mrs Khan was a bit anxious when he was discharged. I don't think she fully understood the level of support the day hospital offers."

Matthew Downing, a charge nurse at Harlow House who previously worked at Haleacre, told the inquest that Mr Khan had undergone an assessment the previous Friday and doctors felt he was ready for discharge.

Mr Downing said: "He was much better and it was right that he was accepted into Harlow House where they have the benefit of being treated and still sleep in their own bed.

"It is part of the rehabilitation process."

Mr Downing added that Mr Khan had never before shown any desire to take his own life.

He said: "We never had any reason to suspect he'd try to harm himself."

Giving his verdict, Buckinghamshire Coroner Richard Hulett, said: "Mr Khan was an ill man.

"When he was depressed and left to his own devices he wouldn't wash, he wouldn't eat that was one of the reasons he needed help."

Mr Hulett recorded that Mr Khan had taken his own life.