PROSTITUTES, drug dealers, drunks and homosexuals engaging in sexual activities were targeted by bobbies in a crackdown code-named Operation Giblet.

Officers took to the streets in Desborough Road, High Wycombe, in the high-profile operation designed to let criminals know that they are watching and are ready to pounce.

The two-day operation, carried out last Thursday and Friday, followed complaints from businesses and residents about general criminal activity in the area – including prostitution, cottaging and drug dealing.

Town centre beat officer PC Jon Taylor said the police presence was to ensure businesses and residents knew that it was not a police "no-go" area.

He said: "We have had various complaints about drunks congregating, drug dealing and prostitution.

"The purpose of the operation is to re-assure people there is a police presence and to let the criminals know we are here and watching."

He added: "There have also been complaints about cottaging in toilets in Short Street.

"It is not acceptable behaviour when there are people who want to use the toilets.

"There is a toy shop not far away and the owners are reluctant to direct parents with children to the public lavatory for fear of what they might be confronted by."

He also said that they spoke to students just starting at the university to try to make them aware about their own personal safety.

"In their first week it is often there first time away from home and we do find some of them lose a sense of personal awareness.

He added: "We also ask them to be respectful to others in the community when returning from a night out on the beer."