AS August begins, there is great joy and hope in the countryside that the barbaric "sport" of fox cub hunting (given the euphemistic name of autumn hunting) will not be taking place.

This means that more than 8,000 fox cubs will be spared a gruesome and painful death at the hands of hunters training their hounds to pursue foxes.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have clearly stated that cub hunting is illegal.

The Hunting Act has delivered British wildlife from abuse in the name of "sport" and has been confirmed in law despite several doomed attempts to overturn it brought by the Countryside Alliance. Last Friday Lord Justice May and Mr Justice Moses dismissed all the challenges comprehensively, indeed, Lord Justice May said there was "sufficient material" for Parliament to conclude hunting with dogs was cruel.

The League Against Cruel Sports urges all those who see anything suspicious that may indicate that this evil practice is continuing to call its Hunt Crimewatch on 0845 330 8486 or email If you see hunts gathering for an early morning start (possibly as early as 5am), near woods where fox families are known to be living, riders and foot followers surrounding small woods, or dogs being sent into woods by the hunt, make notes with dates and times and as much detail as you can manage.

Take photos or film if possible and report any other evidence you gather, to the police and/or Hunt Crimewatch.

Douglas Batchelor, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports.