WITH reference to the letter from Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports last week can I suggest that he re-assesses the immediate priorities of his organisation.

He may not be aware, but there is a new and recently introduced bloodsport anonymous humans using high powered explosives to blow up hundreds of other humans in underground trains and buses, and it is totally illegal.

This results in considerable pain for the humans concerned, and very often death.

I know the police would be very grateful for any information that his members are able to offer, with photos, dates and times.

Again of high priority, there is the old fashioned spectator sport of sitting back and watching hundreds of thousands of male, female and infant humans dying all over Africa.

I know that all in authority would be grateful to receive photos, dates and times, though it probably won't make that much difference.

Following closely on this is the rapidly growing sport of withdrawing medical facilities and other support from elderly humans, and then letting them die a painful and degrading death.

No photos, dates or times are needed this time.

Just pop into any poorly performing local hospital.

There are many more cruel sports to be eradicated.

It's a long list.

Perhaps when his esteemed organisation has worked its way through the whole list, and ensured legislation and enforcement to eliminate them all, he could then return to the vexed topic of exactly how vermin are to be controlled if he must.

Jim Danbury, Clearbrook Close, Loudwater