COMMUNITY figures in High Wycombe have questioned police claims that racially aggravated crime is on the increase in the Thames Valley after the London bombings.

Geoff Pegg, from High Wycombe Neighbourhood Watch, believes the London bombings have had little impact on crime levels within the town. He said: "From what I am hearing everything is quiet at the moment and there is very little crime.

"I certainly have not heard of any hate crimes in the area. I'm not sure this report really applies to Wycombe."

The report, issued two weeks ago, claimed the number of arrests for racially aggravated crime where the suspect was identified had risen from 28 per cent to 57 per cent over the last twelve months.

Mr Pegg's sentiment was echoed by Cllr Chaudhary Ditta, Buckinghamshire county councillor for Bowerdean, Micklefield and Totteridge, who thinks white and Muslim communities continue to "live in harmony" in High Wycombe.

Cllr Ditta added: "I have not heard any complaints about racially aggravated attacks in Wycombe.

"I think people here have always lived in peace no matter what their religion is."

Muslim leaders in the town also said they had not heard of any incidents since the July 7 attacks.

Mohammed Ilyas, chairman of the High Wycombe Mosque committee, said: "As far as I am aware we have not had any problems.

"We are very happy that relations within the High Wycombe community are very good."

Police say officers will be patrolling vulnerable areas and will keep in close contact with the community.

A spokesman said: "Our officers deal robustly with any incidents of hate crime and we urge the community to report any such incidents to us."