WITH reference to the pro-bloodsports letters last week, what part of "no" does the hunting fraternity not understand?

They had a resounding defeat in Parliament and the courts concluded there is no human right to be cruel. They need to accept the democratic will of Parliament and most of the public, and learn to take no for an answer.

Just to make it crystal clear to the hunters: that is "no" to chasing animals to the point of exhaustion, "no" to abuse of wildlife, and "no" to cruelty in the name of "sport" and that includes "no" to the appalling practice of fox cub hunting which usually starts in Bucks in September.

Hunting in Britain is dead. It is time that its supporters accepted that. However, some hunts have implied that they will continue to flout the law. Therefore I reiterate the League Against Cruel Sports message to readers to report anything suspicious to Hunt Crimewatch 0845 330 8486.

Your hunting correspondents should realise there will be many eyes and ears, some of whom they know and some that they won't know, who will monitor them.

They should not expect to get away with unlawful and loathsome activities for very much longer.

The Association of Chief Police Officers say that cub hunting is illegal and they consider "systematic disregard of the law increases the seriousness of the matter and that they may then look to engage in appropriate tactics."

They should learn the meaning of the word "no" or they might well come to understand the sensation of having their collars felt which may result in a criminal record.

As a hunt monitor I do not want my address published as I have suffered intimidation from some members of the hunt.

Judy Crawford, High Wycombe