A BLOGGER is raising money for the London Bombings Relief Fund by visiting every single London Underground stop on the map.

Jonathan Choo, 24, of Webster Gardens, Ealing, is one of 60 people taking part in the London Underground Challenge Run.

The run was set to begin at 5.30am today from Amersham tube station in Buckinghamshire.

He planned to stop off at all 275 stations before arriving at his final destination in Upminster at around 1am.

Mr Choo said earlier this week: "I am feeling a bit nervous but it should be fun because I will be meeting some new people."

Mr Choo described himself as one of a "bunch of bloggers" people who publish their personal thoughts and web links on the internet.

The bloggers, who come from all across the globe, met online and decided to take part in the challenge.

He said: "We are a bunch of bloggers who were all horrified by what happened and feel that this is something that we can do to really help the victims.

"We also want to show the world that we're still happy to travel round the tube just for the fun of it."

The challenge is being organised by record-breaker Geoff Marshall who in May last year broke the Guinness world record for travelling the entire London Underground network in the shortest possible time 275 stations in 18 hours, 35 minutes and 43 seconds.

But Mr Choo has insisted that this week's challenge is not about breaking world records.

He said: "It's an act of defiance against terrorism.

"We are trying to raise as much money as we can for the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund."

The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, in coordination with the Red Cross, set up the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund to raise money to help those who suffered loss and injury in the bombings on July 7.

The bloggers which includes Police Captain Tami Brisset, who is travelling over from New Orleans for the challenge are hoping to raise £20,000 for their efforts.

To sponsor the bloggers' bid to raise money visit www.justgiving.com/londonblogger