THE UNSOLVED murder of mum-of-two Penny Bell has haunted her family for 14 years now they are calling for help to try to finally catch her killer.

Mrs Bell's daughter, Lauren, was just nine when her mother was stabbed more than 50 times.

Lauren, now 23, of Tylers Green, wants people to come forward to help catch the person who killed her.

She said: "I've had to accept I do not have a mum. Nothing is going to bring her back but finding the person that did this is important, for her and my dad. It's vital it's resolved."

Metropolitan Police and the Bell family have renewed their appeal for information about the case and a reward of £15,000 is being offered for information leading to a prosecution.

Mrs Bell's body was found in the drivers' seat of her Jaguar XJS in the car park of Gurnell Grove Swimming Pool, Greenford, at around midday on Thursday June, 6, 1991.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Little said: "The case remains very much an ongoing investigation."

Lauren, a customer relations manager for Alfa Romeo, said: "It has affected my whole life, meeting people, starting jobs. It would be easier to explain if it had been a disease that killed her.

"I have grown up watching my friends seeing their mums. I have always been the odd one out."

At the time of her death Mrs Bell lived with her husband and two children in Denham and was a partner in a successful employment agency, based in Kilburn, north London.

On the day she was murdered Mrs Bell left home at 9.40am telling the builders she was late for a 9.50am appointment.

No record of this appointment was found in her diary and it has not been established who she was due to be meeting.

Three days before the attack Mrs Bell withdrew £8,500 from her and her husband Alistair's joint bank account.

The reason for this has never been established and the money has never been found.

Contact the incident room at Barnes on 0208 247 7821