A PAEDOPHILE who worked as the head of care at a special school in Amersham was sentenced on Monday to ten years imprisonment for sex offences against young boys.

Anthony Lawrence Bulley, 39, who lived and worked at Stony Dean school, in Orchard End Avenue, Pineapple Road, has pleaded guilty to the rape of two boys and a string of other child sex offences.

Bulley lured the boys into his flat by striking up conversations about trophies and girlfriends, Oxford Crown Court heard on Monday.

Christopher Donnellan, prosecuting said after tempting one boy with sweets, Bulley raped him on his bed and then gave him some out of date chocolate.

Bulley was investigated for a similar sexual allegation, whilst working at another school in 1993 using the name of Nigel Bulley.

A case was brought against him in 2002 at the school but was dropped due to lack of police evidence. He was finally arrested in January this year when a victim came forward, who was raped at Amersham.

After a thorough police investigation 17 charges from seven victims were brought against the homosexual head of care.

Bulley admitted six charges against four boys and was sentenced to ten years in jail.

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