A LEADING food manufacturer has withdrawn batches of one of its most popular products after tins were found to contain dangerously high traces of tin.

Samples of Heinz canned spaghetti in tomato sauce were discovered to contain elevated levels of the harmful substance following a survey carried out by the Food Standards Agency.

The cans affected are those that include MSLD as part of the product code printed on the bottom of the can. The Food Standards Agency advises against consumption which could cause stomach upsets or headaches.

Anyone who has bought the product should remove and return the label to Heinz.

A voucher to cover the full value of the product will be sent in return.

Send labels to Heinz Spaghetti 400G, FREEPOST ANG 8097, Diss, IP 98 3HH.

For further information call 0800 496 3283.