THE Free Press bid to have figures released about a controversial mobile speed camera in Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, is being studied by freedom of information officials.

Our fight to have the number of fines issued and amount of cash coined from the camera has been taken to the Information Commissioner, the overseer of the Freedom of Information Act, after our attempts to have the numbers revealed were repeatedly refused by the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership.

An officer with experience of dealing with requests regarding speed cameras has been assigned to our case, and a resolution is expected in the coming months.

The Free Press launched our Bring Us Up To Speed campaign last year after floods of fuming drivers contacted us to complain about the camera, which they claim is more about money-making than accident reduction.

We are now asking motorists caught out by the Marlow Hill speed camera to fill out a form on our website detailing when and how they were snapped by the camera.

The form can be filled in at transportnews/marlowhill