IN response to the letter from Alison Latham, I think it is she who has a warped view of the, in her opinion (failed) Hunting Act.

What she doesn't appreciate is the fact that the dogs and horses she mentioned are now being used in drag hunting.

Secondly the supporters who turn out are in actual fact enjoying the spectacle of the red coats, the horses and the dogs knowing that an animal won't be paying with its life.

Thirdly, her comment about the failed law, is that the police and the public are monitoring the hunts and prosecutions will be bought to those that break it.

The vast majority of the public wanted this protection for our wildlife, and it is because of people with her attitude to killing that the law was necessary. Her comments just confirm her lust for killing.

May I suggest she finds a better use for her time?

Mrs MJ Barnicle, Holmer Green