MRS Barnicle is hopelessly misinformed if she believes that hunts are now "draghunting" in her letter on March 10.

Exempt hunting, including fox control for farmers, is now being carried out. However, regrettably more foxes are by necessity now being killed by crueller, less selective methods.

How, Mrs Barnicle, does this advance animal welfare?

The Hunting Act also puts the police in an impossible position, brings the law into disrepute and is an affront to democracy, having been forced through the statute book despite overwhelming evidence against enacting it.

The lack of convictions speaks volumes.

There has in fact not been a clear majority against hunting for some time and a recent poll by ORB (December 2005) showed two-thirds of the public saying that the Hunting Act was not working.

Anyone who cares about the welfare of our wildlife should campaign for the repeal of this harmful law.

Alison Latham, Bletchley