A DOLPHIN has been following House of Commons speaker John Bercow on his campaign trail to mock his expenses ‘flipping’.

The stunt is by a group associated with independent John Stevens' campaign in Buckingham.

Mr Stevens' spokesman, David Hughes, said: “Early on in our campaign one of the main criticisms of Mr Bercow was he was one of the main MPs involved in flipping his second home.

“Some of our local supporters when we were campaigning suggested therefore it might be amusing to have the most famous Flipper make his opinions known to Mr Bercow when he is out on his campaign trail.”

Mr Bercow had to repay £6,500 in capital gains tax because he 'flipped' the designation of his second home between his constituency address and London.

The Buckingham election is proving high profile as some are unhappy that the three main parties are not opposing Tory Mr Bercow, who became independent when taking up the chair.

The main parties say it is tradition that the speaker is not opposed – but so far four independent, the British National Party and UK Independence Party are set to fight him.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP candidate, last night told a Buckingham audience it was ‘nonsense’ that some thought the speaker should be unopposed (click link below for full story).