A TEENAGE cyclist escaped without life threatening injuries after a collision with a car this morning.

The boy collided with a vehicle driven by an elderly man on a zebra crossing about 10am at the bottom of Marlow Hill - close to Wycombe Hospital.

He was taken to Stoke Mandeville.

Police Constable Ian Ravenhill, who attended the scene, said he had been found conscious and breathing and was in stable condition.

He had suffered cuts to his head.

One half of the windscreen of the car was smashed - on the right hand side.

Witnesses said the boy collided with the car when he was cycling across the zebra crossing, PC Ravenhill said.

It happened on the section where traffic is moving up the hill towards Handycross.

A driver has been reported for careless driving, police said.

Police are appealing for other witnesses to contact 0845 505 505.