WORKERS are being urged to leave their cars at home and walk to work this week.

Transport for Buckinghamshire's Walk to Work Week kicks off today, with employers and employees being encouraged to walk to their place of work and get fit in the process.

Residents taking part in the week can create a profile on the scheme's website to keep a diary and work out how many miles they have walked and how many calories they have burnt.

The program is being run in conjunction with Buckinghamshire County Council and highways maintenance firm Ringway Jacobs Limited and engineering company Jacobs.

Head of Transport for Buckinghamshire Jim Stevens said: “It may feel like it would be quicker to jump in the car, but in reality people often underestimate how long it takes them to travel by car and overestimate the time it would take them to walk.

“Walk to Work Week gives everyone the chance to give walking a go and see how easy it is to fit a bit of exercise into everyday life.”

Register to take part by visiting