RE: The complaint last week by the minister of Penn Free Methodist Church who was offended by suggestive posters for a show at the Swan theatre in High Wycombe.

IS the Rev Peter Simpson (BFP 23rd April) looking at the same poster on the billboards advertising “Girls’ Night Out” as I am?

I (a woman) see a slightly chubby man, who may or may not be naked, wearing socks and holding a thong in his hand.

That is all there is. I can assure him that there is nothing remotely sexy or lustful about it. To link this poster to the sexualisation of children and teenage pregnancies is frankly ridiculous.

I write as a vicar’s wife, a practising Christian and one who had already bought tickets for ‘Girls' Night Out’ for an evening out with my adult daughter!

Christine Jennings, Lammas Way, Lane End.