RE: Last week’s story which told how victims of two accidents in Wycombe – in Lane End Road and Marlow Hill – were taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury.

LANE End Road to High Wycombe Hospital; what, 2-3 miles? Time? Minutes.

Marlow Hill to High Wycombe Hospital; what, 500 metres at best. Time? Minutes.

Both sites to Stoke Mandeville; 13-14 miles? Time? Unacceptable.

How can one say this without being unprintable; it’s nuts, barmy, unbelievable, bureaucracy gone mad, mindblowingly incompetent and finally, ‘if it works, break it’ [the Government maxim to fix things].Could we get Sir Terry Leahy in to sort out Bucks NHS and put the current incumbents out to grass? Without their six figure payoffs, naturally.

John Everson, Rays Lane, Penn.