ON April 19, David Shakespeare, Leader of Bucks County Council, announced that the council must make savings of £27million over the next three years and was therefore, looking into outsourcing services. There is no doubt that cost cutting is absolutely necessary. However, if the work is outsourced to private companies based outside of the county, or for that matter, the UK, the loss of income to the community will greatly outweigh any gain made.

Making the books balance doesn’t necessarily mean that the council taxpayers are getting value for money.

Our council tax money should provide jobs for people in Buckinghamshire, who spend their income within the county supporting our towns and local businesses. Hiving off the services to foreign companies may make savings, but if the money spent is taken away from the community, it will cost us all far more in the long run. I think it is high time that David Shakespeare and his chief executive, Chris Williams, prove they are worth their salaries and do what they are paid to do, which is to manage, and ensure that a leaner, more efficient workforce bring in the savings.

The decision to sell off services paid for by the public to private firms is surely as much of a condemnation of their abilities as it is anything else. Bidding from the private sector is already underway, so if you are concerned about where your money is being spent, let David Shakespeare know about it now.

Mrs Carol McCullough, Lyndhurst Close, Downley.