A WOMAN who felt unsafe using taxis in High Wycombe has set up her own community transport for ladies only.

Sabina Bashir, 28, has set up a members club called Ladies A'Like which will offer discounted transport to women with female only drivers.

From Monday May 3 the four Ford Mondeos will be launched in the town which will be recognisable with pink roof lights.

It comes after The Bucks Free Press reported yesterday that council rules have been ammended to warn drivers against inappropriate sexual behaviour (see link, bottom of story).

Mrs Bashir, from Benjamin Road, said: “It is a totally new venture- it has never been done in the UK before. Our premise is to provide a safe alternative transportation.

“The club aims to bring back peace of mind and assurance for many women in our region. I was reluctant to use taxi organisations and didn't have that peace of mind at 10pm.”

With her husband, Adib Bashir, 28, the couple have funded the not-for-profit organisation themselves with their savings and loans.

Mrs Bashir, who has two children, said: “It's for women who have directly or indirectly been impacted by the ever increasing issues arising in the region, including unlicensed taxis and a number of high profile assaults and rape allegations on licensed taxi drivers throughout the industry.”

Members will pay £1 to join and will be able to call the pink cars and be offered other discounts. At the end of each year members can vote on which projects they would like to see surplus cash be put towards.

They are intending to make the fares cheaper and when it is established go to schools in the area to talk about female safety.

Director of Wycombe Rape Crisis Christina Diamandopoulos said: "Rape Crisis is pleased to hear that a female only transport service will be operating in High Wycombe.

“Although many male taxi drivers are trustworthy, we have had women coming to us who have been sexually assaulted or raped in taxis, by the male driver. Knowing that the driver will be female will provide reassurance to women that their journey will be safe."

Ladies A'Like would like to thank the agencies who have supported them, with special thanks to the Department of Transport for allowing them to work under their framework. They would also like to thank the Garden Wine Bar and Yates's bar in High Wycombe for their support.