A FIREWORKS display which has been a 100 year-old Oxfordshire tradition will be revived in Buckinghamshire on Saturday.

In 2008 a Belgian rower was stabbed at the Henley Royal Regatta – where the fireworks used to take place – and the display has since been scrapped.

Billy Pinches, 65, who owns Meadows Farm on Marlow Road, has worked with Henley Lions to defy the regatta committee despite its 'grave misgivings' about the event.

The pyrotechnics spectacular – re-branded as Henley Summer Fireworks - will launch from Mr Pinches' farm land in Wycombe district on the traditional date - the night of the regatta.

Henley Lions spokesman Mel Williams said residents were dismayed it had been cancelled.

“Everyone in the town is now bubbling about it coming back and excited because they broke the tradition,” he said.

“We know the regatta committee are upset about it but we don't care because all of the locals are enthused about it.

"Everyone is happy except the regatta committee.”

The fireworks will be seen all the way down the River Thames to Marlow and organisers hope Bucks householders will flock to the viewing area at the Stag and Huntsman Inn near Fawley Court.

Henley Royal Regatta wrote to Wycombe District Council saying it had “grave misgivings” about the alternative display.

Regatta organisers said it made the 'reluctant' decision to scrap the fireworks after the stabbing, adding it still had fears over crowd safety and welfare.

WDC said it made Thames Valley Police aware of its concerns.

A40 Fireworks, which is running the display, have prepared several one tonne water tanks in case of grass fires.

There are 1,000 car parking spaces available at the viewing area and entrance is free. It begins at 10pm.