NINE young ballet dancers made the front page of a French newspaper after they performed at a festival in Langres – Beaconsfield's French twin.

There was a small front page photo of the girls with a picture spread inside the regional Le Journal de La Haute-Marne, which covered a music festival.

The girls all attend Baylins Barn Ballet Dance in Knotty Green and joined the Beaconsfield Twinning Association on their latest immersion into Gallic culture.

Proud teacher Annik Coatalen has kept the cuttings and was delighted to see the girls' performance go down so well.

She added: "The girls were very happy with the families they stayed with and the welcome of the Langres Twinning Association.

"We did three shows in the municipal theatre of Langres and two of them were packed full."

The ballerinas - aged between 11 and 15 are: Izzi Nash, Holly Hearne, Jane Gill, Maddie Thornham, Aisling Longshaw, Trudie Samworth, Maddy Westbrook-Burr, Miranda Peacock and Sophie Rivett.