I WAS appalled to see on a worldwide petition site that Wycombe council intend to kill the town pigeons.

Firstly they have no legal right to kill God’s creatures.

Secondly it is also an infringement of human civil liberties as such an act would case great distress to those who care about the birds, so those opposed to such a drastic act should urgently write their protest to Jerzy Buzek, President, European Parliament, Rue Wertz, 1047 Brussels.

I signed the petition to stop this disgusting act and have put the petition on Facebook and Twitter so hope for a big response for the person who created it.

It’s a pity the council don’t realise that human littering is far worse than that of the birds, if Wycombe is anything like Lincoln. For although we are a cathedral city, human littering is the worst it has ever been, even in the suburbs.

Has the council not realised that any pigeon leavings are easily washed away with our usual rainy climate and that pigeons actually clean up after humans who throw away chips and burgers and the like. The council may even care to recall how many human lives pigeon messengers saved in the last world war – so what a reward! Hands off them please!

Suzanne Thorpe, Bucknall Avenue, Lincoln.