There is nothing I like more than my regular walk around Wycombe town centre indeed it is the highlight of my day.

Recently someone told me the DIY store in Bellfield Road was closing so yours truly decided to visit to see what was happening.

After walking the length of the High Street and passing through the grounds of the Parish Church I soon found myself heading towards Frogmoor.

Passing the magnificent John Hearn shoe shop I paused for a moment to look in the window only to see a line of white dust bags at the front of the shop with a lady busy clearing the shop and filling yet more bags.

Oh dear. What a sad sight. What has Wycombe come to?

Pausing for a moment to looking at the shoes still on display in the window it became too much for me and I just managed to walk past the shop before the first tear came to my eye.

After a short walk up Oxford Road the DIY shop came into view. Making my way up the flight of steps that lead to the entrance it became clear the store was indeed closing down.

What has our become of our town? We're going backwards not forwards.

Despite businesses in the town centre folding left, right and centre it seems the powers that be are still intent of pushing through the wacky plans for a new, and in my opinion completely unnecessary, stadium.

Did you see the short list of sites that were published recently as part of the £750,000 initial study?

Was it really tactful to list the Little Marlow Gravel Pits as a suitable site especially when the local Marlow football team had their planning permission turned down for a stadium that was seventy five times smaller than the one being proposed now?

Has the stadium farce come to symbolise everything that is wrong with Wycombe?

While businesses fail and the fabric of Wycombe town centre is town apart how on earth can anyone even consider building a new stadium let alone short-list sites that were only a few months ago considered unsuitable.

There are far higher priorities in Wycombe.

The inclusion of the Little Marlow site is merely putting two fingers up to the local community who had their planning application rejected.

I wonder how much of the £750,000 was wasted producing the list of nineteen possible sites?

Everyone keeps telling me that the aerodrome will end being chosen as the preferred site and I would stick my neck out and predict that the name of firm that gets the construction contract starts with a letter close to the start of the alphabet.

Rather than wasting precious money on a stadium that nobody wants let's use the money to rejuvenate Frogmoor and breathe life back into Wycombe town centre.

Of course getting Wycombe trading again would be beneficial to the town so it's unlikely to be done....

What do you think?