A WYCOMBE Wanderers supporters’ organisation has questioned controversial plans to move the club’s stadium.

The Wycombe Wanderers Trust questioned how the bid to leave Adams Park in Sands could ‘make economic sense’.

The club and London Wasps have said only a new stadium with conferencing facilities will make the teams into ‘viable financial concerns’.

Wycombe District Council has earmarked £750,000 to get the scheme off the ground, saying it would keep Wasps in the town and provide community sports facilities.

But a statement from the trust said: “Whilst the Trust Board do not dispute that there may be potential advantages for the community and Wasps, they have yet to see any financial or business plans for the project.

“There are many unanswered questions and certain statements relating to Adams Park which the Trust consider need justification.

“We await clarification on how a move to a larger Stadium can make economic sense for Wycombe Wanderers Football Club.”

It said: “The board are trying to arrange a members meeting with Wycombe District Council to give members the chance to be updated on the project, and to ask questions.”

The plan has run into fresh controversy during the last week.

The council was criticised for publishing a list of 19 locations which meet qualities needed for a stadium.

Yet these included areas branded ‘totally unsuitable’ such as Little Marlow Gravel Pits, where a Marlow FC plan for a 264-seat ground was previously rejected.

And yesterday we reported how the council had given a private report on the plans to a member of the public under Freedom of Information laws – after not giving the same report to the BFP.

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