A ROAD safety campaigner put a dead cat in a bag, hung it on railings and wrote on it ‘Speeding Kills’ to protest about driving on a Beaconsfield road.

Bob Musk said he hoped the stark image would make drivers think twice about breaking the 30mph limit on Gregories Road.

Mr Musk – who has been involved in speeding campaigns in the town – said he heard a screech of brakes at 8.30am this morning.

Mr Musk said: “I'm just sick to death of things like this happening.

“The driver who hit it didn’t even have the decency to stop and see if they could do anything for the animal. How cruel, inhuman and remorseless was that?”

He said: “If anyone did see the bag then it might strike home.”

Mr Musk called the RSPCA, who recorded the death in case the animal is reported missing, and South Bucks District Council for it to be removed.

He is deputy chairman the town's Neighbourhood Action Group, a group set up by Thames Valley Police to gauge residents’ priorities.

Mr Musk said: “Speeding always come up as residents' biggest concern in the town and is an ongoing problem.

“However the NAG is working hard with our partners to find a solution.”

The group has been given speed recording devices by the police for use on the road.

A police spokesman said the death of the cat was not a matter for the force.