For all the moaners who claim there’s nothing to do in Wycombe, behold the Eden food festival! Yes, it’s here again next weekend; Saturday and Sunday 7 & 8 August. If it’s not apparent, it is being held in Eden; that rather busy shopping centre which some claim to be deserted.

There will be a farmers’ market on both days, things to taste on both days also, and on Saturday only a live cookery theatre with a TV chef (who I hadn’t heard of but I’m sure she’ll be good) and several other restaurant chefs. Also on Saturday there will be a cake decorating workshop for the children, as well as a chance for them to have fun at the Sushi Bar workshop.

Now there’s something to do, hmm?

No one can say that Eden doesn’t put on a show (or shows in this case) for the back of the advertising leaflet (that came with the Star) gives info about the upcoming fashion festival on the weekend of 11 & 12 September. Not my thing but I know it is for many and I don’t begrudge them it. That’s what I hate about certain miseries. You can dislike Eden, but that is no reason to wish for its failure. You Eden-haters can just ignore it and shop elsewhere.

Meanwhile news has arisen of Matalan’s intention to move into town, albeit at the loss of Focus DIY. I find this a shame, as it is my nearest DIY store and garden centre, although I am not going to get too upset and cry (now who would?), for that would only serve to depress me but not do anything productive. Nope, I will just make a short detour to B&Q, or one of our TWO Homebase’s. Yes, TWO. How many towns can boast TWO Homebase’s?!

In the near future I will be writing a blog on why I think shopping opportunities in Wycombe are a lot better than often portrayed. I will also be exploring Wendover, as it seems to be quite the blogger hotspot. Please note that my piece shall not focus on benches.

Also part 2 of my north Buckinghamshire trip will be posted shortly.

So put on your happy face and enjoy the summer. There’s not enough time for moaning!