SUGGESTIONS the Lib Dems could 'disappear' because of the 'shift in politics' have been dismissed by the party's Wycombe leader – following a neighbouring councillor's defection.

Cllr Steve Guy said there would be no repeat in Wycombe after a Lib Dem councillor left to join the Conservatives in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

But the switch has prompted a Tory to claim the Lib Dems may suffer wider fragmentation nationally – if the Coalition Government stays together.

Pinkneys Green Cllr Wilson Hendry, a long serving Lib Dem crossed the political floor, citing the Tories 'excellent track record locally'.

Cllr Micheal-John Saunders, who represents Bisham and Cookham, on the Buckinghamshire border, believes the dramatic change in national politics could see the Lib Dems pulled in two directions.

He said politicians may defect both to Labour and the Conservatives – threatening the Lib Dems' existence.

“I think the shift in politics has the potential to be dramatic if the coalition remains and I for one hope it does.

"The opportunity for the shift is very, very substantial,” he said.

“The people in the Lib Dems who recognise that the Conservative party isn't a bunch of nasty people and that we do a pretty good job will probably transfer to us.

“Others within may follow with the Labour Party – that could become more attractive, which potentially means it could disappear.”

Attempts have been made by the Tories to forge closer links with the Lib Dems at RBWM – but unlike Westminster it had not been welcomed, he added.

“There's a mood on the Conservative party to be very cooperative and collaborative but at the moment Lib Dems have said no thank you,” Cllr Saunders said.

But Wycombe Lib Dem leader Cllr Steve Guy hit back at his suggestions, saying the party remained strong.

He said: “It's complete nonsense. Our executive meets every month.

"Our last membership roster for members in Wycombe shows we haven't lost a single member, we haven't had anyone in Wycombe leave the party because of the coalition.

Cllr Guy, the Wycombe Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, said: “I have had no whiff of anyone leaving the party let alone councillors.

"I'm pretty confident we won't see any defections in Wycombe.”

Recent opinion polls have shown a huge dip in support for the Lib Dems – putting them on a three year low of 12 per cent.

Another poll suggested 42 per cent of Lib Dem voters would have changed their vote if they had known the party would join a coalition with David Cameron's party.

But Cllr Guy said he did not read much into it.

“I'm just not finding it to be honest.

"There are other polls which show that the public are supportive of the coalition and like the fact that politicians are working together,” he said.