TWELVE families with children suffering from cancer did not let bad weather dampen their spirits as they took a 'magical' trip abroad.

The group of youngsters, which ranged from babies to teenagers were taken to the fantastical surroundings of Disneyland Paris.

The Thomas Ball Children’s Cancer Fund arranges the three day trip every year as an escape from the pressures of treatment and illness.

Thomas Ball died at the age of 14 in 2003 after a six-year battle with neuroblastoma. During this time he set up the charity, based in Prestwood.

Thomas' mum, Elaine Ball runs the fund and organises the trip.

Last week, the charity's sixth adventure to the world of Disney characters, took place.

Despite leaving the snow behind in England, by the end of the trip the party were surrounded by five inches of the white stuff.

Mrs Ball said:"Several of the attractions were forced to close and the Disney buses came to standstill leaving families to drag their suitcases through the snow to the Eurostar station for departure.

“In spite of all this, remarkably spirits were not dampened.

“We had a very multicultural group this year and the children ranged from babies to teenagers.

“The group bonded in an incredible way and I'm sure they have given each other a lot of support, which is a very important part of the exercise.”

“It would be nice to take the same group back to Disney for the day that they missed due to the bad weather but unfortunately there are hundreds of other sick children and we have to prioritise and consider cost.”

Sadly, it could be the final holiday for some of the children, due to the serious nature of their illnesses.

Mrs Ball added: “The whole trip was funded by one businessman to the tune of £12,000.

"We urge persons to save their unwanted Euros and donate to the charity for next year's Euro Disney trip".

More information about the charity can be found below.