'LESLEY Clarke out' was one of the chants this evening outside council headquarters as about 200 passionate anti-stadium protesters took to the streets.

Cries of 'Wasps back to London' and 'keep Booker green' were also heard by passers by at Wycombe District Council's offices in Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe.

Numerous drivers tooted their horns in support of the protest as they drove by the placard bearing campaigners.

The vociferous demonstration was organised by GASP – Groups Against Stadium Proposals.

The coalition of bodies opposed to Wycombe Wanderers and Wasps building a stadium at Wycombe Air Park, Booker, Great Marlow, began the protest around 5.30pm.

At a full council meeting after the protest Leader Cllr Lesley Clarke again batted away questions about the air park location, by reiterating the council had not declared any support for this site and saying it was too early still to make such judgements.

Other Conservative colleagues emphasised to a large audience in the public gallery that even once the initial consultation is analysed, and if WDC supports the Booker option, it will be a lengthy process.

Further investigations and another public consultation would follow.

Conservatives defended the spending of council cash on the consultation in response to questions from Liberal Democrat councillors.

A full report will appear tomorrow.