Updated 10.45pm.

CONTROVERSIAL plans for a community stadium in Booker moved a step forward tonight - but with a rising number of dissenting voices.

Wycombe District Council’s Cabinet formally agreed to proceed with the new ground scheme for Wycombe Wanderers and Wasps at Wycombe Air Park, in Booker, Great Marlow.

But recently elected Conservative Dominic Barnes was among a number who spoke out against it.

The Conservative-controlled council's cabinet were also told by scrutiny committee chairman Cllr Alex Collingwood that so far a case to override Green Belt policy was nowhere near being made.

In a frosty exchange between the two tories Cllr Collingwood told Leader Cllr Lesley Clarke if his committees' recommendations were not accepted it could call the decision in.

Cllr Clarke responded by saying: "Can I take that as a threat?"

Other councillors, including Tories Ian McEnnis and Dominic Barnes and Independent Malcolm Blanksby, both of Greater Marlow ward, voiced opposition to the plan tonight.

A passionate public gallery, some of whom had protested outside before the meeting, made sure their views heard at the meeting.

One answer from Cllr Clarke was met with cries of 'shame' while councillors such as Tory Jean Teesdale were applauded for speaking out against the plan.

Deputy Leader Cllr Tony Green refuted suggestions it had been a 'done deal' and accused councillors who had said the consultation was flawed, mainly the Liberal Democrats, of simply not liking the result.

However, he conceded it is possible the stadium may never go beyond the planning stage.

The cabinet acknowledged there was more work to be done in justifying building on green belt land and also in making a business case for the stadium plan.

But the cabinet agreed to forge ahead, having considered the results of a consultation report and recommendations from last week’s scrutiny committee.

Cllr Clarke concluded the meeting by saying: “We move forward with all the work to be done.”

Leading councillors re-iterated the plan was still merely in the earliest stages.

Before the meeting hundreds lined Queen Victoria Road outside the council offices to protest the plan.

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