UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has welcomed Wycome MP Steve Baker's support of a national vote on Britain's future in Europe.

Mr Baker has pledged his backing to a referendum on the European Union.

It would give voters the chance to say whether the UK should stay in or get out of the EU.

Mr Baker said it was about 'self determination'.

“People should be given a democratic choice about whether we want to continue being ruled by a bunch of unelected commissioners in Brussels,” he said.

British people should be given the chance to have their say, whatever their view is, on how they are governed, he said.

In a letter to the Free Press, Mr Farage, who vied with Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow to be Princes Risborough's MP last year, backed Mr Baker's stance.

Mr Farage was recently re-elected as leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party whose prime aim is to get Britain out of the EU.

He wrote: “Mr Baker is a man who has, as he stated, understood there is a real difference between Europe and its people and the EU.

“We in UKIP want a free and fair trading agreement with our friends on the continent but the freedom to do the same with any other nations without interference from the unelected and unelectable Brussels bureaucracy.

“When we joined the, then, EEC we were told it was a trading agreement, not the political and economic union it has since become.”

Mr Farage, one of nine south-East MEPs that represent Buckinghamshire in Brussels, added: “The least the people of the United Kingdom deserve is, as Steve Baker says, the chance to make our own decision on who governs us.”

Mr Baker's pledge was part of the 'People's Pledge' campaign.

A website will show voters’ pledges broken down by parliamentary seat - enabling MPs and candidates to see the level of support in their constituency.