MUSIC legend Adam Ant took a few people for April Fools after playing a gig at a High Wycombe tattoo parlour on Friday night.

Crowds packed into Woody’s tattoo parlour on High Street to hear the one-off show – which came two days after he announced a major UK tour.

But several more people ended up not going after thinking the gig – which took place on April 1 – was a wind-up.

Parlour owner Woody Wood said: “That was part of the reason we did it. We told a lot of people and on the invites it said, ‘Adam’s doing a gig – or is he?’ “He did it deliberately because people would think he wouldn’t do it. A lot of people made a huge mistake by not going.”

Ant agreed to do the gig as a show of gratitude to Mr Wood, after he did two tattoos for the star at his High Wycombe studio.

He wrote the set list to the gig – which included many of his hits and covers of some punk classics – in Mr Wood’s car on the way in.

Mr Wood said: “I did a couple of tattoos for him and at some level he felt he owed me something, but this was disproportionate as payback.

“I’m still absolutely staggered by it. It was marvellous and there were lots of fun people enjoying it. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it.”

He added: “He’s proper punk. He did a gig in a tattoo studio, there’s not much more punk than that. He was really influential and hates being called a New Romantic.”

Mr Wood said: “He was the king of punk, you don’t see him doing adverts for butter” – a reference to former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon.