THE number of uncontested seats in the upcoming elections is “a blow for democracy”, Wycombe MP Steve Baker says.

The Parliamentarian has urged voters to get involved by joining a political party and standing for public office themselves.

Mr Baker's party, the Conservatives, are already six seats ahead in the battle for power at Wycombe District Council and an astonishing 12-0 up in the South Bucks District Council campaign.

The lack of contenders from other parties – or independents – mean there are already many automatic winners.

Two Tories have also already won without getting a vote at Chiltern District Council.

Mr Baker said: “Of course it is a blow for democracy that some seats will go uncontested in the coming local elections.

“Conservatives are standing in every seat but some people will be disappointed where there is no choice.”

The House of Commons backbencher said: “There is a real problem however.

"Most political campaigning today is single issue, so we know people do care passionately, but too few people are prepared to make a difference by joining a party and standing for election.

“In the end, all single issues have to be dealt with in the context of all the others and that means we need political ideas, consistent approaches and people prepared to stand for election on a platform.”

The most contentious issue in Wycombe is the community stadium, but campaign group GASP, which has risen to prominence this year, is not fielding candidates in the May 5 ballot.

It says it wants to remain non-political.

The Liberal Democrats – the biggest opposition party – are fielding 50 candidates in Wycombe, Labour 26, with a handful of smaller parties such as the Greens and UKIP and independents.

Mr Baker said: “I admit that before 2007 I was as guilty as anyone of non-participation.

“I voted Conservative and took it for granted that Conservatives would do the right thing.

“Only when the final straw came did I decide to join the Party and stand."

Mr Baker won the Wycombe seat, becoming an MP for the first time, at last year's General Election. He replaced Paul Goodman. He said: “It’s been quite a journey and I would encourage anyone who cares about our area and the Country to join a political party.”

The elections include voting for district councils, parish councils and the national Altenative Vote referendum on electing MPs.