A SEA of blue has swept over Marlow Town Council as the Conservatives grabbed all 12 seats – leaving two prominent figures without a place around the table.

Former Mayor Maurice Oram – dubbed 'Mr Marlow' by some – and a veteran of the political scene lost his bid for re-election.

The Liberal Democrat – who shared power with Labour at Wycombe District Council as joint leader in the late 1990s – suffered defeat on a day of terrible results for his party nationwide.

Another to not be re-elected was Jo Braybrooke, who quit the Conservatives in the run up to the elections to stand as an Independent.

She believed the town council should not be party political.

Ivor Coleman, the second Liberal Democrat, did not stand due to ill health.

Conservative Councillors June Coleridge, Frank Sweatman, Doug Anson, and Barbara Lowe did not stand for election.

A raft of new Conservatives elected in their place were Ian Wernham, Phillip Ditchfield, Roy Cadman, Tim Avery, Kathy Thomson, Bob Johnson and Jeremy Bedford.

Marlow Conservatives Chairman Richard Scott, who was also re-elected to Wycombe District Council, said he was 'delighted' with the Tories' performance in the elections.

He said: “As a town council we will not be complacent and we will address the intentions we said we would, the promises we made in the election campaign, over the next four years.”

He praised the outgoing councillors, saying: “We are very sorry to lose Maurice as a town councillor.

“He has been on the town for many, many years and given sterling service. While we've had our differences, we always acted for the benefit of the town.

“Jo Braybrooke has a lot to offer the town. Unfortunately she didn't get elected but we look forward to working with her on the Marlow Chamber of Commerce and Marlow Forum.”

On Mr Coleman he said: “He's been a solid town councillor over the year, given a lot of time for the town and we wish him well.”

Mrs Braybrooke managed to get 794 votes but bows out after four years.

Mrs Braybrooke, who has helped spearhead major campaigns in the town in recent years to restore Marlow Bridge and save the Christmas lights, said: “I'm disappointed but it wasn't unexpected. As I said before they (the Conservatives) can canvass more than me, there's more of them.

“I still feel it shouldn't be party political like that at town level. I think it should be independent people.”

She said it would be strange not attending council meetings after four years service but added: “I will be working for the town in the best way I can.”