A MAN sustained life-threatening injuries after an un-manned lorry ran him over as he attached the cab to the trailer in a High Wycombe industrial estate.

Police said the man, who is believed to be in his forties and from Marlow, was attaching a trailer to the parked cab when it rolled forward and struck him.

The lorry blocked Hillbottom Road after it came to halt in a fence near Adams Park. The accident took place at about 9.10am today.

The man was air-lifted to Wycombe Hospital but has since been transferred to Stoke Mandeville. His injuries are described as life threatening.

Peter Stevanovic, a director at Roofline, was on the phone when he said he heard the lorry ‘thunder down the road’ before it crashed through a concrete fence.

He said: “We heard this almighty thunder and then the lorry came past and went through a concrete fence, it has just missed the corner of our building by inches.

“But the noise and the rumbling as it went past was deafening, and then we heard a bang as it struck the fence.

“We went out of our building and at first thought someone was in the cab but there wasn’t. We looked back up the hill and saw the bloke in the road and called 999.”

Thames Valley Police say they are investigating the incident in association with the Health and Safety Executive.

Peter Brown from Jack Richards & Sons Ltd said it was the firm’s trailer but it was being handled by another company.