BEING easily motivated for work at a leading energy charity has led to Louise Kingham of Great Missenden being awarded the OBE for services to the energy industry.

She was handed her prize after working for the Energy Institute for 18 years, having worked her way up to the role of Chief Executive.

A simple love of the job is motivation enough for the mother of two, from Church Street.

She said: “It’s a very motivating thing to do. When you work in the charity sector you meet people who are there for reasons other than making money. They come at it for a range of reasons, which keeps it interesting.”

And the team spirit at the charity, which helps energy companies deliver good practice and professionalism, led to 40-year-old Mrs Kingham struggling to keep quiet about her honour.

She said: “I was tempted to tell people at work because on a personal level it’s a reflection on the Energy Institute.

“It’s quite a privilege. It’s an appreciation of the effort I’m making and the work I do, and a positive reflection on the work of my organisation. You need the entire team to work with you.

“I have a couple of suspicions of who nominated me but the whole process is quite secretive.”

She added: “It was a great surprise to get the letter from the cabinet office in the first place. It looked official so I thought it was from customs or National Insurance or something like that that’s not as interesting.

“I had to read it two or three times to take it in. Once I understood it I was really pleased.”