HE WAS brought up in the home counties of England, in Marlow, but Piers Bramhall has become the new face of Welsh tourism.

London city worker Piers was selected to front the holiday campaign after his girlfriend Emma entered him into a competition.

He was extremely surprised to discover the fact when he found a 56-man Welsh choir and actress Joanna Page on his door step in Ealing one day at 7am - along with a film crew.

Piers, whose family still live in Marlow, was munching on a bowl of cereal and watching Top Gear when he heard some noise coming the front of his home.

“I looked outside not realising there was a 56 man Welsh choir outside," he said.

After the impromptu choir visit, Piers and Emma were whisked to Twickenham to watch Wales play England.

The Welsh hospitality was welcoming through out the day as Piers mixed with football legend Ian Rush and Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones.

Their charm wore off on the proud Englishmen, who put aside his differences with the Welsh rugby team, donning the red jersey for the match and cheering on the visiting side.

He said: “I got a lot of stick for that. They had two Welsh shirts with our names on the back. I put my English chivalry aside for the day.”

The couple will holiday in the nation on September 4 as part of his new role.

Piers is looking forward to learning more about Welsh history and culture, but is just as keen to embrace the adventure activities.

He said: “It's hard to say, there are so many things. It all looks so amazing. I want to see a side of Wales I have never seen before.”