THE world of comedy has Buckinghamshire New University to thank for The Mighty Boosh, says its stars and creators Noel Fielding and Dave Brown.

The duo picked up an honorary masters degree from the High Wycombe university during its week of graduation ceremonies.

They studied BA Graphic Design and Advertising at the former The Buckinghamshire College between 1992 and 1995.

It was “weird” returning for a second graduation, said the funny men –who praised their teachers for encouraging them to follow their comedy dreams.

Noel, wearing his trademark quirky clothing topped with a graduation cap, told the BFP: “Places like this are brilliant, you need art schools.

“You have to have places where kids who maybe didn’t get the grades can showcase their abilities. So many amazing people have come from art colleges – we wouldn’t have been here without this place.

“My teachers fought for me to get into college and Paul Springer helped me get my first gig, I sat in his room before the gig, terrified, and he convinced me I could do it. Without these people, there’s no way I would be doing comedy.”

Although he admitted he accidentally lied to students during an impromptu speech at the ceremony.

“I said I was representing the people that got a third, but then my teacher reminded me I got a 2:1”, said The IT Crowd star.

“I told them it all starts now, don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do because anything is possible if you work hard at it.”

The comedians – who count Russell Brand and Kate Moss as close friends - have fond memories of south Bucks, from playing football on The Rye to messing about in the apple orchard in Noel’s first year student home in Prestwood.

Dave said: “We used to go to The Attic nightclub by Green Street, it was the only club we could go to and it got a bit hairy down there!

"We made our own fun here and we are all still very close with everyone. Good memories.”

They first met fellow Mighty Boosh star Julian Barratt during his performance at the Hellfire Comedy Club.

And it was in their student digs in Hughenden Road in which many of their award-winning warped comedy sketches, characters and songs were dreamt up.

Dave said: “I remember one joke he wrote here - we walked past a garden and this dog was barking at us.

"We walked a bit further, it was still barking, we were miles away to the point it was a dot in the distance, and it was still barking.

“Noel turned around and said, ‘I think he might have a telescope’.”

Noel added: “I told Harry Hill that joke at the Hellfire Club, I thought brilliant he likes my jokes, I then explained the show and he said ‘oh, sounds dreadful.”

Noel has just wrapped filming for his new show, Luxury Comedy, which he says “will make the Boosh look like Dad’s Army”.

He called on music pal Serge from Kasabian to record the theme song.

It will be screened on E4 in January.