HAVING been a long distance commuter for the past nine years, the article in last week’s BFP headed ‘Bus passengers are far brighter than car drivers’ caught my attention.

It argued that we are smarter because we use the journey time to read, do puzzles and converse.

The article concluded with a challenge for readers to take part in a quiz on the Arriva website with the aim of revealing their cleverest commuter.

With numerous Sudoku puzzles, newspapers, novels and conversations with fellow travellers under my belt I thought the prize had to be mine. A dead cert!

Unfortunately my score was a miserable 14 out of 20.

Clearly I am not smart enough to travel by bus, so it will be goodbye to my great value monthly all zone Arriva ticket and hello to a new jamjar plus tax and insurance which I can lovingly feed with fuel and take to the office with me every day.

And, as a bonus, I can help clog the roads and delay everyone else – including the buses.

Richard Groom, Gilletts Lane High Wycombe